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  • How to Buy the Perfect Valentine’s Gift for Her

    Are you clueless every year when V-day is approaching? Are you in a new relationship and not sure what would be considered “too much” versus disappointing? Or perhaps your credit card is already maxed out since Christmas? This holiday of love can make anyone nervous but don’t worry – we have some suggestions for the best Valentine ’s Day gift for her whether you’re married, only just started dating or anything in between.


    If you’ve only known your girl for a few months, you probably feel a bit confused right now. You want to make her happy and you definitely don’t want to disappoint her, but perhaps you feel like it’s a bit early on to bring out the diamonds. A nice box of luxurious chocolates is always appreciated, maybe in combination with some scented candles or some warm and cozy slippers. If you would prefer something a little less traditional, a nice pair of headphones, a book, or a new case for her phone are small but thoughtful gifts.

    After a year or more, you know each other better and it should be a bit easier to figure out what she wants. You’re still a relatively new couple, so it is important not to slack off just because you passed the first few Valentine’s days already. A piece of Jewelry or a weekend trip always makes a girl feel special, but there are cheaper options too. A luxurious robe or pajamas are great ideas considering the season and a new perfume also feels exclusive.

    If you’re married or have been living together for a long time, it is a good idea to do something a little more adventurous on Valentine’s day. You’ve bought each other countless gifts already, so why not book a hot air balloon ride, a horseback riding tour or even skydiving? Any activity you haven’t tried before would do!




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  • Christmas Gifts for a Connected World

    The decorations are reminding us that the fall/winter season is upon us and shorter days tell us that shopping for Christmas gifts is on the schedule. With the world at our fingertips meeting the desires for everyone we buy for is a challenge. This year I gave myself a sweater machine and hoped to churn out custom sweaters for the family Christmas gifts, but the ‘victims’ er receivers were not forth coming on their sizes. This has lead me to change up to hats and scarves, which is a bit of a relief. It’s easy to walk into a big box store and pick up a scarf/hat set that is perfect, but for me Christmas gifts are about personal touches.


    I think about the person as I am making the item for, as I put each stitch in, almost a prayer in the making, wishes for good health, much laughter and the joy that is shared in the course of a life. Back when I was a young mom the idea of hand making a Christmas gift was overwhelming, but as I am older I am given more time to put into the gifts. I remember one Christmas Eve shopping for the entire family in four hours, due to delayed pay cheques. I swore that year that I would plan ahead and have all my Christmas gifts purchased before December.

    I have worked retail in big box stores and performed the “Christmas Gift Wrap” service. The lovely large rolls of bright paper were nice to work with, and having a handy tape dispenser that didn’t relocate was a strong contrast from home. We used to challenge each other to creatively wrap each others Christmas gift, some were presentations (Christmas Rap-I was begged never to do that again) others were unique ways to disguise socks and underwear, DVDs, books and the like, one year we couldn’t find the tape and while everyone scrambled to find it and eventually broke out a new magic cello tape, come Christmas morning we found the tape wrapped up as a Christmas gift from the dog. Christmas is a great family time, I hope your family shares pictures of your time together and they squeal in delight with the amazing Christmas gifts they received.

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